Wednesday, August 27, 2008


The friend I am writing about has long been the best of my feeble guild of friends.
First, however, I must prequel this praise of her spirit and loyalty with a blurb about my most recent ambition. Today I signed into the Primerica Financial company. I will be training to show clients, whether in debt or outside of debt, how to properly manage their accounts in order to ultimately save for a rather desirable early retirement. My managements of my clients' mortgages, car payments, and sheer VISA craters are the new "arrows in my quiver", if you will, that I will be retrieving in fine Sagittarian fashion :Op
To this friend (you know who you are) I owe a formidable debt of gratitude for loyalty in friendship, a debt of conversations spent talking about her ambitions and not my selfish meanderings down Chance Ave., and a big big hug and a cup of hot cocoa (H&H cocoa). I need you to understand that you indeed are my best friend. While I have been mulling over ideas of how to attach a rope to one of my arrows, shoot it up and out to ground level and climb out of this debt crater I'm trapped at the bottom of, you are always there in my heart or at the end of the e-tunnel as a shining light in my dark. Do know that you give me hope to find what it is I'm pursuing, and once I've found it to pursue something else. You give me courage to do what works for me, not always focus on pleasing others with my talents. You remind me that there are other people like me who, once they've made a strong connection, nurture that and build onto its roots.
I played Lydia's last night and got Mr. Jones, the host of the open stage, saying after my set that I was the most underrated songwriter in Saskatoon (!!!). He himself, and for the last couple of times now, pitches my cd to the audience as being a great listen and very unique. I sold 3 and gave one away to a guy who introduced himself to me as (another Shawn btw) a floundering student. My sympathetic side got the better of me as it usually does and I handed him a freebie. Nobler Pursuits, my new song, has been atop the set each of the last two times playing there and I'm proud to say has turned the right heads. Kevin, the new sound guy, and Ian the former one have both complemented me on the subtle intensity of it (in not so concise a way but conveyed in the same direction). So I am once again feeling pride in my very neccessary creative side, the side you always said "shone" :O)
Where I am only learning about financial investments, it would seem I have always had an instinct for which friends to invest in. *strong warm embrace when you read this* It is a chilly Saskatchewan night that I would love to share with you.

Readers, stay comfortable and be happy yer not at that sh*tstorm of the Democratic Convention in Denver... scary.


Kat said...

I am slightly at a loss of words because I have this wonderful pride which is failing me to come up with adequate enough words to convey how wonderful it is to hear you feeling blessed at the good will people convey toward you.

I've always known you to be positive and happy with people, never a negative and always lifting people up. It is THAT very essence of you I have always cherished and always will.

I've been doing workshops and getting living arrangements ready. I am late getting online but I just read all of your posts via email I will blog again in the am but I wanted you to know I saw them and appreciate them very much.


Kat said...

ps. Not MY living arraignments.

I pushed alot of furniture around.My arms are wimpy.

Today I have an inservice and tomorrow I have cpr/first aid again! but that's ok because everything else is done and I hate to be bored.